Mountain Love | Happy Valentine’s Day

In the name of Valentine’s Day, this post is for the Couples out there! For the couples that ride together, the couples that ski together and even the couples that show us that love sees past what’s on your feet. She snowboards, he skis and they share a love of the mountains. Mellen and Brian exemplify what it means to be part of the alpine community and are both highly certified teachers of their respective sport. Both full time instructors, they spend their days off…you guessed it, sliding together. They know everybody on the mountain and exude friendliness. They are a joy to be around and were even more fun to photograph. It went something like this; “Hey Rob, we’re going to drop into these waist deep, double black bumps and stop skiers right at the bottom of the pitch for a picture.” Yes, that’s my idea of a good ride and definitely my kind of photoshoot!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the couples, the Moms and Dads and the kids who will be all jacked up on chocolate and cinnamon hearts this weekend on the hills!

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