Little Shredder | Alpine Ski Club

Snowboarding was once shunned on the ski hills and called a trend that would never last by the ski community. The hills and mountains that did allow snowboarding limited the terrain that you could ride on a snowboard. It’s funny to look back on 20 years later and see the beautiful impact it has had on the snow industry as a whole and see it now on par with skiing. I grew up on skis but am primarily a snowboarder now and love that the two sports get along!

I speak passionately about the “ski family” and love seeing a family mix it up with skiers and snowboarders in the same unit. It all boils down to a love for alpine sports, the great outdoors and being active as a family. I haven’t come up with a term to describe families that do both, but I’ll keep working on it! The ski/snowboard family (see, it sounds funny) pictured in this post were a lot of fun to capture at Alpine Ski Club and it was particularly special for me since my daughter is about the same age as the little shredder doing runs on skis AND a snowboard!



Bill Van Groningen - March 20, 2014 - 9:48 am

sweet! bvg!