Guenette Family | Rainy Bike Ride

When I started Active Family Photo it was meant to be about showcasing the beauty of ski and snowboard families, being active together on the snow. The winter months are behind us now and the thought of putting this portion of my work to sleep for the summer months was painful. So, what do ski families do in the summer? They ride bikes! I ride bikes…perfect! Today, I’m ecstatic to bring you the Guenette family, a truly active family in all seasons.

Full disclosure, Jordan and Julia are two of my favourite people and we’ve been good friends for several years. I’ve spent many-a-ride trying to keep up with Jordan but he’s a guy who understands the cycling community and puts having a good ride with friends ahead of charging hills and dropping the peloton. I miss those days since they moved back to Vancouver a few years ago. The perk? When I go out west I have a place to stay and awesome people to ride with!

I was out in Vancouver for the Canada Photo Convention back in April and the Guenette family was good enough to put me up during my stay so I paid my rent with a photoshoot. So, they put their little dude Jacob in the Chariot, gave me the slowest bike in the garage and we set out to make the first set of Active Family Summer photos! We had a great time riding around the trails that surround their house in and out of the lush green forrest and along the ocean side. There were thick clouds overhead the whole time and rain, on and off which added to the fun (and challenge). It takes a certain kind of family to do portraits in the rain wearing bike helmets…these are my kind of people!


Julia Guenette - June 1, 2014 - 5:26 pm

Thanks so much Robb for a great day and for the amazing photos! I hope that you can come out again and this time we won’t make you pay your rent in photos :) I hope you are enjoying the new bike.