Caledon Ski Club | Wallhouse – Father & Son Duo

There is something amazing about the bond a father shares with his son. Meet Blair and Mack! This Father/Son duo spends their weekends together doing runs at Caledon Ski Club nestled beautifully in the rolling hills of Headwaters. Growing up in a ski family myself, there is a sense of community among other ski families that is hard to put into words. This sense of community is one thing I’ve really enjoyed since starting Active Family Photo – I can click into my skis, slide up to the family I’m about to photograph and feel like I’ve known them my whole life!  The runs at Caledon may not be super long, but the terrain and views more than make up for that.  On the upside, there’s more time to enjoy chairlift conversation which I think only strengthens the community.  Thanks for welcoming me into your slice of ski/snowboard heaven and enjoy these photos that capture just a little bit of what it means to be an Active Family.