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  • There is something beautiful about a family that is active together. What says family more than spending every weekend together on the ski hill? Active Family Photo documents these special days you spend with your kids.

    My name is Rob and I'm the guy behind the camera! I grew up on a ski hill and still spend as much time skiing/snowboarding as I can. When I'm not taking pictures, I'm joking around with my two little daughters outside. I ride fast and enjoy life. I photograph weddings in the summer, I drink too much coffee and believe in the power of play.

    The studio is based in Kingston but my Active Family photoshoots usually take place in and around the Ottawa Valley or Collingwood areas.

    See the promo video, here!

    I would love to ride with you! 69,109,97,105,108,32,109,101em liamE or text/call 613.453.6047

Osler Bluff Ski Club | Powell Family

Osler Bluff Ski Club is a special place. It’s a place that has community, friendship and arguably the best skiing and snowboarding in Southern Ontario. It’s a club that values it’s members and on any given Saturday you’ll find 3 generations of a ski family eating lunch together in the clubhouse, usually at the same […]

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Melissa Dart - March 29, 2016 - 6:50 pm

Love these photos! What a great idea:)

Tammie Chuang - March 29, 2016 - 8:26 pm

What awesome pics!!!

Mont Ste-Marie | Terpstra Family

A ski/snowboard day with the family can be chaotic. Throw in the grandparents, spouses, kids and it gets down right crazy. But, crazy in a good way. The best way. That’s the way the Terpstra family rolls and I recently got to hang out with them for a morning of downhill sliding at the area’s […]

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MTB Kingston | Gurd Family

This is a special one. MTB Kingston is my happy place. I rode over 1000km on these trails over the past year and I’ve met a lot of my close friends in this community. It’s a place where you can go and just belong and bond over an inexplicable passion for tearing through the woods on two wheels. […]

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Gorman Family | Rain, rain go aw…oh whatever!

So here’s the thing, you can’t control the weather. I make my living taking photographs, primarily outside, so I know this all too well! Sometimes we cancel, sometimes we postpone and that’s cool with me. Sometimes it rains and we shoot anyway. Enter the Gorman family! We met up at the base of Alpine Ski […]

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Alpine Ski Club | Ledwidge-Sweeney Family

I love the time I get to spend with families out on the ski hill, but this one was particularly special for me. I’m a dad to two girls who are 2 years apart, just like the girls in these photos. Going snowboarding with my two little chicks and sharing my passion has been a dream of […]

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