Illustrating the beauty of spending time outside as an Active Family.

Active Family is niche family photography born out of true love for sport and family. The philosophy is deeply rooted in the desire to capture families doing a sport they love to do together. What says family more than a family that spends every weekend together on the ski hill? The life a family lives on the ski hill, the shared experiences, the steps into independence for children and the shared love of the sport is something unique – this is what Active Family Photo puts into images.

Growing up skiing with my family, some of my most fond memories come from those -20C days chasing my brother and sister around while my parents tried to capture it on the old camcorder. Well, I’m older now (not that old), have kids of my own and spend my summer weekends photographing weddings. The idea for Active Family came to life when I realized that my off-season of wedding photography was perfectly aligned with my favourite time of the year, Winter.  My expertise in wedding photography and devotion to skiing and snowboarding come together beautifully to capture those timeless memories that families make every weekend on the slopes.

See me speak about “the ski family” and few words about what Active Family is really all about, here.

Active Family is a branch of Rob Whelan Photography and is based in a home studio in Kingston, Ontario.  With no local hills to speak of, my Subaru will land me at your local club, be it in the Ottawa Valley or along shores of Georgian Bay in Collingwood.  Please inquire at the contact page and let me chase you and your kids down the hill with my camera.

I place a huge importance on the photographer/client relationship so please get to know me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Active Family Photographer - Rob Whelan